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State Leadership Seminar

At HOBY, high school sophomores build their leadership potential through an inspiring three- or four-day Leadership Seminar based on three leadership perspectives: Personal, Group, and Societal. As many as 300 “ambassadors” from high schools across the state or country gather at their local HOBY State Leadership Seminar between April and June to:

  • Experience life on a university campus, where HOBY Leadership Seminars are hosted

  • Interact with local community leaders—from CEOs to business owners to doctors to media experts—through panels, presentations, and group discussions about real-world issues

  • Participate in hands-on activities to explore and exercise leadership on personal and group levels

  • Form diverse relationships with adult professionals, college-age mentors, and high school students from across the state with diverse leadership styles and backgrounds

  • Conduct a community service project to put leadership-for-service skills into action

  • Open opportunities for internships, mentorship programs, and other HOBY Ambassadors Connect benefits

After each seminar, HOBY alumni are challenged to complete 100 hours of community service within the next year as a way to put their passion and newly built leadership skills into action.

World Leadership Congress

Since 1968, the HOBY World Leadership Congress (WLC) has empowered students around the world to broaden their perspective and begin to see themselves as part of something larger—the global community we all share. As the global aspect on HOBY’s Pathway to Leadership, the WLC is a weeklong program designed to empower high school students juniors and seniors to become more mature, confident cognizant leaders and active global citizens.

More than 450 students from throughout the United States and around the world, including students from 14 countries participate in WLC each year, including Argentina, Albania, Mexico, Turkey, China, Spain, Bolivia, Taiwan, Korea, and the United Kingdom participate in WLC each year. Students leave the WLC feeling empowered and equipped with the leadership skills they need to reach achieve their goals and make meaningful contributions to society.

If you’re a high school student with a passion for leadership, community service or global issues, the World Leadership Congress is the program for you!

As part of the Virtual WLC, Ambassadors will:

  • Interact with global leaders through keynote speeches, presentations, and mentor meetings

  • Explore and exercise their leadership skills through interactive workshops and activities

  • Experience international diversity through mixed-culture student groups, global snapshots and international presentations

  • Build life-long relationships with other students and establish a global network of young people ready to make a positive impact on the world

  • Build their confidence through hands-on leadership development and experiential learning

  • Have the opportunity to earn college credit

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